Friday, June 14, 2024

Dashboard Help

Linked2 Energy Monitor Dashboard Help


The Energy Monitoring Dashboard is a complete hardware and software solution for tracking and reducing your Energy needs. The main dashboard screen displays up to date data on all your energy sensors, temperature sensors and other automation equipment. 

Getting Started

The Dashboard hardware is configured out of the box to work in many network environments and takes little effort to configure in most others. Initially you would see on the Dashboard only the included Energy Monitoring equipment, but any of the supported products have the ability to direct their data to the Linked2 Dashboard for monitoring and (other future functions such as data collection and charting). When the supported product is configured to pass data to the Dashboard it will display a pop up window reflecting the current status of that product (i.e. temperature or energy).



Connection List

When the dashboard opens initially you will only see one window which is the "Connection List". This window shows all devices that are now or have been connected to the dashboard and is generally used for initial configuration of the system, and can be closed when you have all the connected devices you expect.