Monday, July 15, 2024


Old school automation systems required expensive custom-programmed computer systems on every site. Basing automation in the Internet Cloud allows us to bring cost effective automation to:

         Small Buildings    ~    Parking Decks    ~    Campus settings    ~    Green Spaces




With LINKED2 cloud services you can do all of this, and more, now:

  • Remotely monitor up-time status of Automation/Energy Mgmt Systems.
  • Enable email alerts when equipment fails and know about them real-time.
  • Access hundreds of data points about the health of your system, never stepping foot on site.
  • Access and monitor temperature readings from stand-alone sensors anywhere in the world.    
  • Reduce the amount of complicated and expensive code needed to manage a system.
  • Allow unlimited numbers of employee login's to manage your system.
  • Add new monitoring points on the fly.


  • Manage Switchers, DSPs and Displays remotely.
  • Manage Video Tele-Conference systems.

Coming late this fall:

  • Extensive scheduling capabilities for unlimited numbers of events, without travel to the site.
  • Room/Resource scheduling.


  • Remotely Monitor Temperature and Light levels to enhance Energy Mgmt Technology.
  • Add Intelligent Mgmt of your energy hungry equipment.
  • Fire Walls will never block you from accessing your facility's or your customer's equipment again.
  • Digital Signage for back office monitoring.
  • Remotely Manage and diagnose Video-Conferencing troubles.
  • Remotely test switchers, displays and other system equipment.
  • No Cost for track maintenance history.
  • Monitor for Security at remote locations.
  • Receive Alerts by email or text msg for any programmed event (i.e. HVAC on after hours or lamp failure.)