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Recent Projects

  US Army Cyber Command - Extensive automation requiring security clearance.

 Children's Hospital- Fourteen floors of extensive automation. System includes approximately 1500 automation devices in Patient rooms, Nurse Stations, and Administrative Spaces. Significant use of DMX color changing lamps as well as fixed color lamps for mood augmentation and rapid healing. System design is all LED and ready for future expansion.

  Georgia World Congress Center - Complete Lighting Automation Refresh of 2.4 million sqft event space with 2-stage dimming of over 1,500 devices. Each lamp is individually addressable from any location. Upgraded to iPad based control with Off-Site Remote Management and Realtime Energy Monitoring. Integral diagnostics for lamp and ballast failure notification. System design is LED ready for future expansion.

 Fernbank Childrens Museum - iMAX Theater automation including Lighing Control managed from Projector Booth, Starlight Gallery automation to replicate Southern Night Time Sky, and Childrens Interactive Museum.

Univ. of Alabama - Charger Student Center Lighting System Automation and Integration with Campus Building Automation. Network Integration with Classroom Audio Visual Systems.

Fado Fado - Complete building automation including distributed audio,video, and lighting control. Intelligent scheduling of resources and lighting with daylight harvesting.

Mariott Atlanta - Lighting System Automation for event spaces and restaurant. Lighting Intelligence knows status of event space and manages lighting based on room combination. iPad and PC interface enable user-configurable scenes.

Federal Reserve - Lighting System Automation for large event space, common areas and lobby.

Consulting: Intelligent Buildings and Lighting Systems

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We can do this for you;

  • Plan your Intelligent Building Automation and Lighting Controls.
  • Assist you with adding Color Lighting for Mood Augmentation.
  • Work with your Facilities Mgt. to enhance your current Automation.
  • Assist in your Energy Conservation Planning.

Event Space, Building and Lighting Automation Services



 Lighting & Event Space

  • We evaluate your needs and requests

  • We work with your Lighting Designer

  • We install/upgrade your new lighting fixtures and automation components

  • We install the automation processors

  • We program/configure your Lighting or Event Space automation

Small & Mid-Size Building Automation

  • We have ready to install packages that can be up and running in a few days

  • We can design a custom solution for your needs

  • Web remote management and data collection are part of our solutions

  • We guarantee you will save energy expenses