Monday, July 15, 2024

Large Area Distributed Lighting


 LADL »  Remotely Automated Intelligent Lighting Systems distributed over many miles, sometimes hundreds of miles, managed from a single control point.


Low Cost Solution for:

  • Parking decks
  • Small regional offices
  • Campus automation
  • Residential communities
  • Green spaces automation


In 2011 LINKED2 coined this phrase and established the first of its kind pilot network automating lighting control from a single control point over a 250 sq. mile area. We removed the need for a custom programmed computer on each site, and greatly reduced installation and automation costs.


Advantages of LADL Systems:

  • Easy and Quick to setup
  • Save 25% or more on Energy Costs
  • Significant Hardware Cost Savings by reducing multiple controllers to a single cloud-located server.
  • Reduced installation time and complexity because of hardware reduction.
  • Cloud based control point available to unlimited users with variable permission levels.
  • Scheduled events


contact for information on how to easily set up your system.

We partnered with these companies to create this break-through technology: 

Crestron Lighting
 AVWorkz Automation